Evils Are on the Hunt


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Evils Are on the Hunt (Collection of Horror Stories)Read by Emad Schannat
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What are you scared of?

Hair-raising ghosts, fearsome creatures, or heart-wrenching psychopaths.

What will you do if you are lost in the woods where the creatures lurk day and night?

And how will you save your family after moving to a new house where the ghost of a butcher resides?

This diverse collection of spine-chilling short stories of paranormal encounters may leave you terrified.

Lost in the Woods

Three friends struggle to survive while trapped in the woods where creatures lurk day and night.

Dribbles of Blood

A family tries to escape after experiencing paranormal activities and encountering a psychic butcher's ghost at their new house in Hailey, Idaho.

Are you brave enough to inspect paranormal activities?

Dive into the thrilling collection of horror stories, Evils Are on the Hunt by Jaydeep Shah.

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